Our Image Policy

Whichisthebestthing.com is a fun thing made by Tom Davies & Jacob Rickard. It is not a commercial enterprise, and does not generate any profits.

The website is reliant on users submitting images which we are permitted to use, and all images submitted to us are received in good faith.

All images on whichisthebestthing.com must fall into one of three categories:

  1. Images which we, the website owners, have taken or created ourselves.

  2. Images which are the property of a third party, but which are being used with the owner's express consent.

  3. Images which are the property of a third party, but are available under the terms of a licence which permits us to use them free of charge. A Creative Commons Licence is an example of such a licence.

When You Submit An Image

When you submit an image to whichisthebestthing.com, you agree to the following:

  1. Where you are the image copyright holder, you grant us an irrevocable licence to feature the image on whichisthebestthing.com in perpetuity.

  2. Where you are not the image copyright holder, you have ascertained that we may feature the image on whichisthebestthing.com free of charge. Where it is required, you will provide the name of the copyright holder, as well as a url so that they might be appropriately credited. You will not submit any images which we are not permitted to use on whichisthebestthing.com. You will not submit any images which require any sort of compensation or payment-in-kind from whichisthebestthing.com in order that they might be used, except where the copyright holder's requirements are limited to being credited for the use of their image, by means of their name being displayed, and a link provided to the original image.

How can I have my image removed, or a credit added?

The images we use on whichisthebestthing.com are user-submitted. While we go to every effort to ensure that we have permission to feature the images we use, we recognise that it's possible an occasion may arise where an image appears on the site without the copyright holder's permission.

For example, someone might have sent us an image, claiming to be the copyright holder, when in fact that was not the case.

If you have identified an image of yours being used on whichisthebestthing.com, without permission, and would like to have it removed or a credit added, you can send us a message on TomAndThat.com or via @TomAndThat on Twitter.

Thank you 🙂

A silly thing by @TomAndThat and @ProducerJacob

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